Iris Lana

Iris Lana

Iris Lana

Teaching Areas: 

Researcher, lecturer, director of archive projects, member of public committees in the dance field, entrepreneur.

Iris Lana has been an independent choreographer and movement designer for theatre for many years (1997-2015). Those years she was a teacher of movement for actors and the head of movement department in Beit-Zvi School of Theatre (1998-2011). She holds a B. Mus from the Jerusalem Academy for Dance, earned her M.A. from the Interdisciplinary Arts Program at Tel-Aviv University and currently she is working on her Ph.D. dissertation at Tel Aviv University.

Nowadays she is a lecturer of courses in dance theory: ‘Dance in Israel: Ideology, culture and Body’, ‘Readings in Contemporary European Dance’ and ‘History of Theatrical Dance’ (2012- ). She also teaches an online course on the Dance in Israel in Rutgers university (2016- ), and holds a platform of talk show ‘Points for a Thought’ on contemporary dance discourse at the Kibbutzim College (2015- ).

Together with Prof. Rina Gluck she co-founded and directed (2009-2012) the Oral History Project, documenting Israeli Dance from its early days. This project holds eighty six online interviews that serve a database for researchers and students.

Iris served as the Director of Batsheva Dance Company's archive project (2012-2015). The project gathered archival material of the company and upload part of it online. Nowadays (2016- ) she is the Director of the Dance field in ‘The National Digital Collection: Architecture, Dance, Design and Theater’, a National Library of Israel project, in collaboration with the Judaica division at the Harvard University Library. The project is mapping, cataloguing and digitizing dance archival collections in Israel.

In the last couple of years, Iris has been the head of the performing arts committee in the Culture and Art council at the State of Israel's Lottery (the "Pais"). Also, she is active as a committee member of International Exposure of the Israeli dance in Suzanne Dellal centre in Tel Aviv.

She was a member of the scientific committee of translating dance books (co-directors: Gabi Aldor and Ran Brown), (2012-2018), and was a co- Artistic Director of ‘Machol Chadash’ (New Dance) Festival, 2012, in Hazira, Jerusalem.

Nowadays she is editing a podcast about the contemporary Israeli dance scene and lately she was nominated as the director of Diver festival.


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