The Dance Department

The Dance Department

Head of the Department - Mr. Mate Moray

The Dance Department focuses on training dancers and teachers who are knowledgeable about the history of dance and music.  The Department offers dance ensembles active in the framework of various workshops; these groups provide students with stage experience, both at Academy performances and in performances for the general public.
Areas of study specific to the Dance Department:
1.      Classical ballet: The form of ballet studied in the Department is based on Russian ballet,
         as well as on Western-influenced contemporary ballet.

2.      Contemporary dance: The language of movement studied in the Department is based on
         techniques pioneered by Martha Graham, José Limón, Merce Cunningham, and other Western
         artists.  Students are also exposed to a range of contemporary techniques that integrate different
         movement languages.

3.      Repertoire workshops: Students gain experience in performing important
         classical/contemporary works from the world dance heritage.  They also perform works
         created by Israeli artists.

4.      Anatomy and the sensory system: Structure of the body, its systems and how they function.

5.      Improvisation and arts integration: This course aims to develop creativity and imagination via
         improvised movement. The approach liberates the dancer from structured “technique,” thereby
         fostering personal expression. Improvisation is also taught as a tool for choreographic
         development. The course includes work with artists active in the theater, the plastic arts, and
         opera, as well as percussionists.

6.      Choreography: Courses at various levels impart the skills needed to create dances for groups
         of differing sizes: solo, duet, trio, group.  Students are expected to create dances and to see them
         through performance.

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