Cross-Disciplinary Performance: Instrumentalists Track

Cross-Disciplinary Performance: Instrumentalists Track

Head of the Department - Mr. Nadav Vikinsky

The studies are intended for musicians who want to acquire skills that will allow them to integrate into the world of contemporary and multicultural music in Israel and around the world, and are suitable for those with high academic abilities that want to study in a challenging and enrichening learning environment, both at the theoretical academic level and at the practical artistic level, without compromising on the level and quality of either one.

·        Developing an artistic point of view

·        A weekly individual lesson

·        Accompaniment for singers

·        Working with ensembles and in productions

·        Workshops: performance, composition and arrangement, song writing, performance on stage (movement and acting lessons)

·        Master classes with leading artists

·        Music theory, Harmony, Ear training and Rhythm lessons

·        Professional and Diverse Teaching Staff

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