Joint Graduate Degree with the Musicology Department (M.A.Mus)

Joint Graduate Degree with the Musicology Department (M.A.Mus)

This joint academic program enables the candidates to acquire a graduate degree together with advancing their specialization in their primary field of composition, performance or education.

Along with the formulation of personal artistic statement, this program is also destined to nourish the ability and motivation for artistic initiative and the formation of cultural-educational-artistic leadership. The track can also serve as a stage towards doctoral studies.

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of both the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the Hebrew University and present the approval of their admission in both institutions to the Office of Student Affairs of the Hebrew University. Details of admission requirements and online registration can be found on JAMD website, in the 'Candidates' tab.

The curriculum enables the students to advance their artistic expertise, in their chosen field, to get exposed to methodology of academic research and to further their comprehension of cultural, social, and political contexts, as well as to be permanently updated in the emerging trends and issues in the variety of styles of art and world music against the background in the humanities disciplines.

Candidates can choose between two options:

  • Research track  that includes the submission of the graduate thesis
  • Non-research track, without a thesis.