This unique program, initiated jointly by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Rothberg International School (RIS) and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (JAMD), combines artistic training in dance skills and technique with academic exposure to Israel's challenging social, historical and cultural environment. DanceJerusalem offers university-level artistic and technical training in the disciplines of Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance (including Ohad Naharin's GaGa), Choreography, Repertoire and Improvisation. Within the framework of a comprehensive survey course, "Dance in Israel", students create, rehearse and perform works with outstanding Israeli composers and choreographers.
Students choose from a wide range of academic courses in Jewish, Israel and Middel Eastern Studies, as well as Hebrew Language. For details see the online course list.
Upon completion of the program, students will receive academic transcripts from each institution.

The year program runs from the end of August to the end of June (Academic Year) The autumn semester option starts at the same time and ends in early January.

Year Program
Students earn credits according to the following schedule:

  • Undergraduate Summer Ulpan - 5 credits (required for Full Year program)
    Israeli Choreographers Workshop - 4 credits (required for Full Year program)

  • Autumn Semester - 15 credits
    JAMD Dance classes (9 credits) and 2 academic classes at the RIS (6 credits).

  • Winter Ulpan - 5 Credits (Elective for Full Year program)
    Israeli Choreographers Workshop - 3 credits (Elective for Full Year program)

  • Spring Semester- 15 credits
    JAMD Dance classes (9 credits) and 2 academic classes at the RIS (6 credits).


Autumn Semester Program
Students may earn 24 credits for the following studies:

  • Undergraduate Summer Ulpan  - 5 credits (required for Autumn Semester program)
    Israeli Choreographers Workshop  - 4 credits (required for Autumn Semester program)
  • Autumn Semester- 15 credits
    JAMD Dance classes (9 credits) and 2 academic classes at the RIS (6 credits). 


Spring Semester Program
Students may earn 22 credits for the following studies:

  • Winter Ulpan  - 5 credits (required for Spring Semester program)
    Israeli Choreographers Workshop - 2 credits (required for Spring Semester program)
  • Spring Semester- 15 credits
    JAMD Dance classes (9 credits) and 2 academic classes at the RIS (6 credits).

Dance Curriculum (for Full Year Program)

  • Classical Ballet: Based on traditional techniques, including the Vaganova Technique and Royal Academy of Dance syllabus as well as all elements of barre, centre and full combinations from adagio through petite and grande allegro.
  • Contemporary Dance: Based on the modern dance techniques of Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham and contemporary release techniques, including Gaga as developed by Ohad Naharin and taught by dancers of the BatSheva Dance Company.
  • Choreography: Production of original student works under the guidance of working faculty choreographers in cooperation with student composers from the JAMD’s Department of Music Composition.
  • Repertoire Workshops: Intensive rehearsals with contemporary Israeli choreographers creating new works with DanceJerusalem students.
  • Improvisation: Structured improvisation in cooperation with students from the JAMD’s Multi-Disciplinary Music Department, students from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Department of Costume and Stage Design, and instruction in video dance techniques.
  • Dance in Israel: Combination of theoretical and practical study of the contemporary Israeli dance world, including workshops, performances, rehearsals, lectures and demonstrations with many of the companies and choreographers working in Israel today.

Admission Requirements DanceJerusalem applications are reviewed by JAMD. Academic transcripts are reviewed by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Rothberg International School.

Program Dates:



Financial Aid
A limited number of scholarships, based on demonstrated need or merit, are available from the Friends of Hebrew University offices. Applicants should follow the procedure as delineated by their local office.
Participants are housed in the modern Scopus Student Village, adjacent to the Hebrew University campus on Mount Scopus. Each student is allocated a private air-conditioned bedroom in a suite with 4 other bedrooms as well as a living room, a kitchen and bathroom facilities. A high-speed Internet connection and telephone landline are available for an additional fee. Students must supply their own linens, blankets, pillows, dinnerware and cooking utensils, which can be purchased locally. A supermarket and self-service laundry can be found in the Student Village. Reasonable priced meals and snacks may be purchased on campus as well as in the nearby French Hill shopping center.
Extracurricular Activity Package
Students receive a full activity package, which includes opportunities for touring the country, attending seminars and workshops, and participating in cultural and social events as well as holiday celebrations and recreational clubs. The package also provides students with a cell phone for the duration of their stay in order to ensure communication at all times. 

Health and Counseling Services Comprehensive health insurance is included in the tuition fee. Students also have access to an in-house psychologist. 
Madrichim - Counselors A team of specially selected Israeli students called madrichim reside in the Student Village and facilitate the acclimation of international students to life and society in Israel. In the event of an emergency, a counselor is on call 24-hours-a-day.
Sports Center The Lerner Family Indoor Sports Complex, located near the Student Village, includes a semi-Olympic swimming pool, sauna, gym, weight room, spinning studio and aerobic center. Adjacent to the complex are the Sir Arthur Gilbert tennis courts. Students may participate in a wide variety of classes offered at the center. 
The safety, security and well-being of its students are of primary concern to the JAMD and the Hebrew University. A comprehensive security orientation is given to all students upon arrival. Entrances to the Student Village as well as the Edmond J. Safra and Mt. Scopus campuses are guarded, and all of these facilities are patrolled around the clock. Shuttles and buses connect the two campuses.  Student activities, whether on- or off-campus, meet the strictest security requirements.

News & Events

News & Events

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