Our Academy

Our Academy

Thank you to our dedicated supporters, you enable hundreds of artists to succeed and to grow every year, making the world a more beautiful place.

Dana Rechtman, Head of Resources Development: 
tel: 972-52-2566985

As the oldest and largest arts institute in Israel, the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance takes great pride in our diverse community of students and alumni, who are accomplished artists from various backgrounds. 

Our students are dedicated to academic and artistic excellence, community service, creating exceptional art, and contributing to society. They have the opportunity to study a wide range of art disciplines, including Baroque, classical, jazz, and Arabic music, as well as classical and modern dance.
Your support and contribution plays a crucial role in providing scholarships to degree-seeking students based on both excellence and financial need, as well as in advancing our unique academic arts campus and special projects. Our collective goal is to continue training today's students to become tomorrow's world-class performers, composers, dancers, conductors, and integral parts of artistic society.

Support Us 

Your support is vital to our mission of providing world-class education and fostering artistic growth. Connect with Dana Rechtman, Director of Development, at danar@jamd.ac.il to discuss how your contribution can make a lasting impact on the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Whether through scholarships, named spaces, or community initiatives, your support ensures the continued success and growth of the Academy. Together, let's nurture the next generation of artists, educators, and cultural ambassadors, shaping a vibrant future for the arts in Israel and beyond.