Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


  • The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (hereinafter: "the Academy") respects the privacy of users of the Academy's website, which operates at this Internet address (hereinafter: "the users" or "the Site", as the case may be).
  • The terms specified herein constitute the Site's Privacy Policy as observed by the Academy and anyone operating the Site on its behalf (hereinafter: "the Site operators").
  • The Site is intended for the purpose of providing service, advertising and marketing (hereinafter: "the services").
  • Access to and use of the Site are subject to the Privacy Policywhich constitutes a binding legal document between the user and the Academy.
  • The Site Privacy Policy is worded in the masculine gender for convenience only, but it applies to women and men alike.


  • When browsing and/or registering on the Site and/or using the services, the user agrees to this privacy policy.
  • Use of the Academy's site does not require registration or the provision of details and personal information. However, various areas of the Site, such as signing up for the Academy's mailing lists, corresponding with the Academy using online contact forms which are located on the Site and more - may involve registration and the consensual and voluntary provision of the user's details and personal information, such as his full name, address, telephone number, active email address, and any additional details required in the circumstances. The information is used by the Academy for the purpose of handling the application, contacting the candidates for studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and improving the service provided by the institution.
  • By providing these details, the user declares that the personal information provided to the Academy is reliable and accurate, that the Academy may use the data in accordance with the privacy policy, that the aforementioned details are being given by him consensually and voluntarily, and that he is aware that there unless expressly stated otherwise there is no legal obligation to provide the information.
  • Information which you provide to the Academy

    This information may be stored in the Academy's systems and shall be used by the Academy for the purpose of processing applications or contacting candidates for studies, improving the service provided by the Academy, and providing information about study programs and courses, scholarships and awards, activities conducted within or on behalf of the Academy, including enrichment, leisure and cultural activities, student benefits, etc.

  • Information which the Academy gathers automatically

    When the user utilizes the services, information is gathered and sent to the Academy by the mobile phone or other device through which the user accesses the services. The information sent to the Academy includes (inter alia): the device's IP address, its unique identification number, device type, geographic location, computer, connection and mobile network details, statistical information, including the Site browsing habits of the users (the pages which they viewed, the offers and services which interested them, etc.), pages viewed, traffic to and from the Site, the URL address for referral, advertisement data as well as web log data and other standard details, and as set forth in this Privacy Policy document. The Academy also gathers information through cookies and web beacons. See the cookie policy below. The information is gathered for statistical purposes, to promote the Site and to improve the experience of using the Site. Information gathered by third parties: The Academy may receive information about the users through third parties, including, inter alia: business partners, service providers, affiliated companies, etc. It is hereby clarified that the third party is exclusively responsible for verification of the user's data and that the Academy shall bear no legal and/or other responsibility with regard to the storage and/or use of incorrect and/or obsolete information which it received from third parties.

Use of information

The Academy uses the aforementioned information for the following purposes:

  1. In order to contact the users and to reply to their inquiries;
  2. To analyze, control and process information, by itself or by providing statistical information to third parties;
  3. To provide information to third parties, as specified in the privacy policy;
  4. To enable the user to access the services provided by and the content offered in the Site and to provide him with the use and services of the Site, including offering him lectures, conferences and seminars;
  5. To identify the user and assist in customizing and enhancing his experience on the Site;
  6. To advertise and market the services on the Site and to provide the user with the services that may interest him;
  7. To improve and enhance the services and content of and the experience of using the Site, including the creation of new services and content which meet the users' requirements and expectations, and the alteration or cancellation of existing services and content. The information used by the Academy for this purpose may be gathered as full information which identifies the users and/or statistical information that does not identify them personally;
  8. To properly operate and develop the Site;
  9. The information provided by a user, even if it does not complete the process of subscribing to the Academy's services, shall be stored in the Academy's databases and may be used by the Academy for operational and/or marketing purposes on the Site and/ or for the purpose of statistical analysis;
  10. For any other purpose specified in this Privacy Policy or in the Terms of Use.

Personal information about others

Should a user provide us with information about another person (for example his family members or others), he must inform him in advance that he shall be providing his details, and obtain his consent to the use of information about him in accordance with this privacy policy. Should a user agree on behalf of another person to receive advertisements (see below), he must also make sure that he obtains his agreement to this in advance. A user who acts contrary to the foregoing shall be fully accountable for any damage caused to the Academy as a result, and shall be liable to indemnify the Academy for the amount of any such damage, immediately upon receiving notice of it from the Academy.

Transfer of information to third parties

Where details and information about a user identify him personally, the Academy shall only pass on to third parties his personal details and the information gathered about his activities within the framework of the services with his consent and/or in each of the following cases:

For the purpose of providing the services

The Academy furnishes corporations affiliated to us or other entities which we have confidence with personal information to in order to assist us in providing the services, in accordance with our instructions and in a manner consistent with our privacy policy, and while taking appropriate measures to maintain confidentiality and security. So for example, for the purpose of providing the services, the Academy shall only be assisted by service providers who undertake to abide by the statutory constraints, and the data security and protection of privacy standards.

For the purpose of receiving services which the user has ordered or signed up for on the Site and which are provided entirely or partially by third parties. In these cases, the information which they require in order to provide the relevant services and maintain contact with the user shall be passed on to those third parties. The Academy shall not be responsible for any use made by the third parties in question of any information about the user which it passed on to them. It is clarified that this privacy statement of the Academy shall not apply to such third parties.

For legal reasons

  1. The user violated the Privacy Policyand/or any statutory provisions, including in each of the cases specified below;
  2. The Academy received a court order instructing it to provide the user's details or information about the user to a third party;
  3. In any dispute, submission, claim, demand or legal proceeding, between a user and the Academy;
  4. Where the Academy considers that providing the information is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to the person/property of a user or to the person/property of a third party;
  5. The Academy is facing the threat of legal measures (criminal or civil) against it due to actions taken by the user on the Site;
  6. The Academy received a claim or complaint to the effect that a user had violated any law, including and without derogating from the foregoing, the commission of a tort or crime contrary to the defamation laws, the protection of privacy laws, the intellectual property laws, criminal law or commercial tort law. In this case the Academy may pass on the information about the user to the party claiming to have been harmed by you or pursuant to the instructions in the court order;
  7. Should the imparting of the information be necessary in order to comply with a direction given by a court and/or other judicial tribunal and/or other statutory requirements, or in order to establish or realize the Academy's legal rights to prevent false and illegal activities, to protect the Academy against lawsuits and to safeguard and protect the rights, assets or safety of our users, the public or the Academy.


The academy may share anonymous information, which does not enable personal identification, with the general public and with the Academy's partners - such as business partners, advertisers, developers or rights holders, for research and/or statistical purposes and/or in order to improve the services, etc.

Databases and information security

  • Information about users shall be stored in the academy's databases. The Academy shall use the information in accordance with the provisions of the law and the privacy policy.
  • While the Academy takes numerous measures at the organizational, infrastructural and applied level in order to protect your personal information, including the deployment of advanced protection mechanisms to secure the information on the Site, as with any computerized database, the Academy cannot guarantee complete immunity from intrusions into its computers, attempts at such intrusions, disclosure of information or disruptions and interruptions in the operation of the computer systems used by the Site. Therefore, the Academy does not guarantee that the services on the Site and/or in the databases shall be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them.

The right to inspect and correct the information

  • The Academy is obligated to act in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981.
  • Every person is entitled to inspect information about him which is held in a database. Under this Law, you are entitled to inspect the information about you which is stored in the Academy's databases, personally, through a representative whom you have authorized in writing, or by a guardian. For this purpose, you are welcome to email us at: We shall respond to your request in accordance with the statutory rules.
  • You are entitled, after reading the information about you and finding that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or obsolete, to request that the information about you be corrected or deleted. For this purpose, you are welcome to email us at: We shall respond to your request as soon as possible and by no later than 30 days from the date on which it was submitted.

Marketing and consent regarding receipt of advertisements

  • The Academy shall not sell or lease a user's personal details to any third party for his marketing purposes, without the user's express consent.
  • The Academy may from time to time send advertisements and marketing content to a user who has agreed/shall agree to receive advertisements and marketing content, via electronic messages or short message service (SMS), in accordance with the provisions of the Communications (Telecommunication and Broadcasts) Law (Amendment No. 40), 5768-2008 and/or by direct mailing in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981.
  • A user who does not wish to receive further information about the Academy's products and services as aforesaid, may at any time choose to be removed from the distribution list upon receiving such information or by sending a notice to the following email address:

Other sites

  • The Site may contain links to other sites or web resources. When clicking on one of these links you shall be connected to another website or web resource, which may gather information about you consensually or through cookies or other technologies.
  • The Academy has no control over these other sites and shall under no circumstances bear any responsibility for the gathering of users' personal information by operators of the other sites and how it is used. Any use of third party content, including any entry of the user to third party sites, via the Site and/or an advertisement on the Site, shall be at his sole risk and he shall make no claim and/or demand against the Academy in this regard, including but without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, for any damage directly or indirectly resulting from such use and/or entry and/or an invasion of privacy and/or any gathering and/or use of information by third parties. The users must read the privacy policies and terms of use of these other sites, and decide whether or not they wish to use them, and if so - in what manner.

Cookie Policy

Like many websites, the Academy uses cookies to collect information about users. When a user enters the Site, the Academy may embed these files in his computer or device. We use this technology to customize services, display the Academy's content and advertisements, measure the effectiveness of sales promotion activities, minimize risks and prevent fraud. When a user revisits the Site, the Cookie file shall enable the Site to identify his browser.

A Cookie is a small information file which we transfer to a user's computer or cellular device in order to document how he is using the Site. The cookies contain anonymous information and are used to gather statistical data about the use of the Site, and in order to customize the services to his personal preferences.

The user has the option to independently block and/or delete Cookies at any time by changing the settings on your device and/or the browsers which he uses. However, it is clarified that some of the services may not be accessible and/or that the user's experience of using the services shall be limited if the user blocks and/or deletes the Cookies.

The Academy uses, inter alia, Cookies and similar third party technologies such as Google analytics and Facebook. This information contains various details, including (inter alia) device identification, IP address and Advertising ID which may be gathered. For more information about Cookies and how Google uses data produced from using Google Analytics - it is recommended that you read Google's policies. It is recommended that you read:

The Academy may in its sole discretion change the terms of the Privacy Policy from time to time as necessary, without being obliged to give notice in advance and/or ex post facto. Should the Privacy Policy be updated, the Academy shall change the "date" at the top of the document and the amendments shall take effect immediately the updated Privacy Policy is displayed on the Site. By continuing to use the Site after the change in the Policy, the user shall be deemed to have consented to the amended Policy.

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