Studying at JAMD - Music Studies - Dance Studies

Studying at JAMD - Music Studies - Dance Studies

The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (JAMD) is Israel’s premiere academic institution in the fields of creation, performance and the teaching of music and dance. It offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in music and dance. The scope and diversity of subjects taught at the Academy cover almost every aspect of music and dance from classical composition to contemporary choreography. Under one roof, one may find classes in Baroque music, jazz, classical ballet and Middle Eastern music as well as in music and dance education, movement and movement notation.

Identifying talented students, nurturing their talent and helping them realize their full potential; these are the ultimate goals of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. It cultivates creativity and nurtures originality through the collaborative interaction between students and teachers on a one to one basis. This individual attention is the creative source that lays the foundation for heightened skills and an enriched learning experience.

The Academy strives for excellence in artistic  expression and has become a world-renowned academic institution with a faculty of international repute. Its graduates and faculty members are among Israel’s leading musicians and dancers, contributing to the local cultural scene and representing the country internationally.

To enrich the learning experience and assure that students are current with new trends in music and dance JAMD initiates master classes and workshops, during the study year, where both Israeli and international experts lead sessions devoted to a particular subject of artistic significance. Master classes expose students to the finest teaching and performing talent in the world of music and dance and to the creative processes and techniques of guest artists.


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