Library lobby
The library is not just a learning and research center for students and the academic staff, but also a cultural center for people who have an interest in music.The library shelves contain a collection of 50,000 titles, a unique collection mainly made up of musical scores (many of them rare), periodicals, and thousands of books and journals.
There is a special sound studio for listening to records and tapes and watching video films, using sophisticated electronic equipment.The library also contains an archive of Israeli music and a database of competitions, festivals and master classes.The library is computerized and offers Internet access.
Before the start of the academic year, on advisory days, new students are given a guided introduction to the library and are then presented with the reader's card that will accompany them throughout their studies.

Library opening hours

Sunday – Wednesday       9 am – 7 pm
Thursday                            9 am – 6 pm

Contact details

phone:  02-6759917

Head Librarian E-mail:

Loan conditions

Academy students and teachers can take out up to 12 items at a time. 
Items are loaned according to the stickers on the books.
Late return of books carries a fine:
1. For books and scores taken out for a month / week – nis 1 for each day overdue
2. For books and scores taken out overnight – nis 4 as of 12 noon.

The listening room

Israeli music archive

The archive contains comprehensive information about Israeli music and musical life in Israel, in particular in Jerusalem, from the days of the Jewish Yishuv to the present day.All articles published in Israel or abroad about Israeli music are collected in the archiv


e.The archive was established in 1988, although a considerable part of the material already existed in the library before that time.The material, some of which is extremely rare, is stored in closed drawers so that its use can be supervised.Among other things, the archive contains musical scores, journals and books.In addition to papers on the subject of Israeli music, the archive also contains books written by Israeli musicologists in a range of fields, thus creating a sense of Israel's place in global musical research.
Journals in Hebrew on subjects relating to music and dance can also be found in the archive, as well as programs and invitations for musical events, some dating back to the beginning of the last century, serving as an important historical source.
Another important historic document is the database of Israeli musicians, which includes letters, photographs, documents and so on.The archive therefore provides fertile ground for musicological research.

Library subscription rates

Use of the library is free of charge for students of the Academy, the academic staff and former staff members, students of the Academy High School and Conservatorium, and members of institutions with which the Academy maintains ties.
Graduates and outsiders can use the library for a subscription fee, or a one-time payment.

Subscription rates

Number of items taken out at a time Annual graduates' subscription 6-monthly outside subscription

Annual outside subscription

1-4 NIS80 NIS80 NIS160
5 NIS95 NIS95 NIS190
6 NIS110 NIS110 NIS220
7 NIS125 NIS125 NIS250
8 NIS140 NIS140 NIS280
9 NIS155 NIS155 NIS310
10 NIS170 NIS170 NIS340
11 NIS185 NIS185 NIS370
12 NIS200 NIS200 NIS400

Minimum subscription payment:NIS 80

One-time fee for library users who are not subscribers

Use Academy graduates Users who are not Academy graduates
Readingroom only NIS5 NIS10
Including listening room NIS10 NIS20