The Community & Youth Unit hosted children from the Sha’are HaNegev region

The Community & Youth Unit hosted children from the Sha’are HaNegev region

On Thursday November 22nd 2012 the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance hosted some 30 children from the Mabu’im region. Following a welcome with light refreshments and a musical activity for the children and parents run by Ms. Anna Shapira, the children took a tour of the Academy library and practice rooms. The parents and children then split into two groups: the children took part in a dance activity led by four students from the Dance Faculty, while the parents were given a tour of the Israel Museum.
Here is an excerpt from a letter received from Rita Meirovich, director of the Merchavim-Mabu’im Conservatory:
Please accept heartfelt thanks from myself, the parents and pupils for the wonderful gesture of inviting us for a day of relaxation at the Academy…
The experience was exhilarating and most enriching, providing exactly what we needed in order to unwind from the tension of sirens and what had been landing on our heads throughout the week of war. This is the eighth year we have been working together with you in the “Perach” Project, a very important and successful project for our pupils in peripheral areas, and we trust we will all enjoy many more years of fruitful work together. I really wish to emphasize that your enormous investment has not been taken for granted and that the work you put into it brought happiness and peace of mind to the children of our school and to all of us, these, sadly, being a rare commodity nowadays”.
Many thanks to the students and faculty coordinators who assisted and took part in the activities!