Israel Festival - Jamd concerts & performances

Israel Festival - Jamd concerts & performances

All concerts will take place in the Jerusalem theatre

Into the Woods / Musical (14:00, 17:00,  Rebecca Crown Auditorium) - Director: Julia Pevzner, Musical Director and conductor: Nir Cohen.
A cast of fairytale characters including Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and other characters, embark on a journey into the forest. Their stories intertwine as they each embark on a journey to find something and then return home safely. The performance will include music by Stephen Sondheim.

Windstravaganza (18:45,  The Sherover Foyer) - Ensembles from the wind instrument and percussion workshop, led by Mauricio Paez and Alon Bor.

Multi-Disciplinary Music (18:45,  The Sherover Foyer) - Noteworthy ensembles from the multi-disciplinary music department and the department of Middle-Eastern music. The performance will be followed by a late-night jam session.

Negev-Galilee-Jerusalem (12:00,  The Henry Crown Concert Hall) -  A concert featuring three orchestras: the JAMD Conservatory Chamber Orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Western Galilee and the Darom Orchestra. These three orchestras are all supported by the Jerusalem Academy and the Department for Community and Youth.
Conductor: Michael Klinghoffer, Dean of Performing Arts at Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

 The Jerusalem Academy Symphony Orchestra (20:00,  The Henry Crown Concert Hall) - Works by Franz Lizst, Paul Ben Haim, Claude Debussy and Alexander Borodin. The Jerusalem Academy Symphony Orchestra (musical director: Eitan Globerson) features all of the academy's orchestra music students, and performs works from the main repertoire of symphonic music.