Dr. László Stachó - Guest Lecturer and Researcher at JAMD

Dr. László Stachó - Guest Lecturer and Researcher at JAMD

The Jerusalem Academy Research Authority is proud to host Guest Professor Dr. László Stachó during the Spring Term 2023:
Dr. Stachó is Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Doctoral School and the Department of Teacher Education at the Liszt Academy in Budapest. His stay in Jerusalem is supported with a prestigious research grant from the Hungarian Government, the Hungarian ’Eötvös’ State Scholarship.

Our Research Authority will collaborate with Dr. Stachó on the development of a new project entitled "A Pedagogy of Attentiveness, Sensibility, and Tolerance: Novel Methods and Good Practices of Music-Making in Heterogeneous Groups of Diverse Socio-Cultural Backgrounds".

In addition, Dr. Stachó will teach the graduate course "How to Practice? Attention and Performance" (Thursdays from 13:00 to 14:30 in room 011), take part in chamber music coaching, lecture at our International Conference "Perspectives in Performing Arts Pedagogy" in June, and deliver guest talks in a number of courses.



photo by László Végh